Freestanding Pistol Display - Reclaimed Wood

Freestanding Pistol Display - Reclaimed Wood

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The toughest thing about owning a Badger Custom Grip is wanting to show it off without a great way to do so. Problem solved! Our new Pistol Displays are the perfect way to show off your beautifully dressed up revolver!

The reclaimed wood used for each display was reclaimed by the Badger Grips crew from a local barn and it is the perfect backdrop for your favorite revolver.

Custom sizes available per request.

Engraving Option:
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Each Display Stand has the Badger Custom Grips logo engraved on the front of the stand in either the top left or top right of the stand.

Safety Disclaimer: This product is not intended for the display of loaded firearms. Please use safe gun practices and only place firearms on this display after first checking to ensure weapon is not loaded. Badger Custom Grips is not responsible for any damage, injury or death that occurs due to improper use of this product.