Fitting information

Super Redhawk and GP100 revolvers share the same peg-style grip frame. Our grips fit all variations of these guns including the Super GP100 and the Super Redhawk Alaskan.

A locating pin is required for proper fit. If your gun currently has a black rubber grip that screws from the bottom, please make sure to add a locating pin to your cart before checking out.

Please note: Redhawk and Super Redhawk grips are not the same. If you have a Redhawk, please view our Redhawk selection by clicking here.

  • Full Grip

    Our full grip is a 3 finger grip that provides excellent control and is recommended for shooters with large hands.

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  • Sport Grip

    This grip design is a hybrid between our Full and Boot Grips. The tapered shape provides a comfortable 3 finger grip for most hands.

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  • Boot Grip

    The boot grip is a 2-finger grip that is our most compact offering. The pinky finger rests on the bottom of this grip.

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