What is Dymalux

DymaLux is a dyed birch laminate resin-impregnated with phenolic resin. It’s used mostly for knife handles, pistol grips, billiard products, and game calls. Its waterproof and extremely dense making it harder than virtually any natural hardwood on Earth. (Source: Cousineau Wood Products) DymaLux grips can be buffed to high gloss or finished with Badger Grip Oil for a matte finish!

What is SpectraPly?

Spectraply is a dyed birch laminate, A grade. Layered into a variety of color patterns and bonded together with PVA glue. (Source: Cousineau Wood Products) SpectraPly grips can finished with a High Gloss Topcoat or Badger Grip Oil for a matte finish. The duller oil finish may darken this material, thereby reducing contrast. For maximum color contrast, our High Gloss finish is recommended.

Badger Grip Oil vs. High Gloss: What’s the Difference?

All Badger grips now come with the option of an oil finish or a high gloss finish.

Badger Grip Oil grips are simply treated by rubbing in a thin layer of our unique oil before shipping them out to you (purchase the oil by clicking here). You will need to apply oil to your grip regularly upon
receipt of the grip.

If your grip is ever scratched, you can lightly sand away the imperfection then apply a couple new coats of oil and you’ll be good to go! This finish is great for EDC and those who want to tailor the feel of their finish to their own tastes.

Please note that regular applications of the oil may darken the grip, giving that classic patina we all recognize in a well used revolver grip.

High gloss finishes vary based on the material selected. If you selected Dymalux with High Gloss, your grip will simply be buffed to the high gloss finish.

High Gloss SpectraPly and Hardwood grips have a sprayed-on, glossy topcoat that is very durable. This is a low maintenance option that simply needs to be wiped off after use. If your grip is ever scratched, you can send it back to us through our Refurbishing Service to have the grip refinished.

Do I need to order hardware with my new grip?

All Badger Grips come with the required screw for proper fit (replacements are offered here). All Badger Grips are a two panel style design and require the presence of a locating pin for proper fit. Most guns have this pin present when purchased new.

If your gun currently has a monogrip, you may need to check to see if you have a locating pin. If you need a locating pin for your gun you can purchase them for the following guns by clicking on their name here: SP101 Pin, GP100 Pin, Alaskan Pin, Colt Pin.

Can I install the grip myself or do I need a gunsmith?

Badger Grips are simple to install! Each grip is fastened with a single slotted screw and can easily be installed in minutes…no gunsmith needed!