Fitting Information

There are many variations of the grip frames for these revolvers. Please read the information below carefully to ensure that you select the proper grip.

Badger makes finger groove grips for the XR3-RED frame and the Super Blackhawk frame. We make panel style grips for the XR3-RED frame, Super Blackhawk, Bisley and Birdshead.

XR3-RED Frame - includes grips for the Blackhawk, Wrangler, Vaquero (not New Vaquero), Single Six, Old Army and some models of the Super Blackhawk.

Super Blackhawk - Includes grips for most models of the Super Blackhawk, including the Super Blackhawk Hunter.

Bisley - Includes grips for Blackhawk Bisley, Super Blackhawk Bisley, & Super Blackhawk Bisley Hunter.

Birdshead - Includes grips for all Blackhawks, Wranglers and others that have a Birdshead grip frame.

We do not currently make grips for the XR3 frame.

If you need help finding the proper grip, please don't hesitate to reach out...our staff is happy to help!