Badger Custom Grips is a shop specializing in revolver grips for the avid shooter. Founded by Jim Badger in the 1970’s, the company has gained a reputation for having the premier wooden combat-style grips on the market. Jim started the business because, as a military veteran and law enforcement member, he saw a need to improve the grips for serious shooters. He utilized his skills as a machinist to create rugged and comfortable designs to improve accuracy and comfort. His designs are still utilized at Badger today, and the reputation of the company continues to grow upon the foundation he laid.


Badger grips are precision CNC milled and hand-finished by experienced craftsmen. We offer many customization options, so each grip is made to order.

With industry leading warranties and customer service, choosing Badger is an easy decision. Try Badger Custom Grips today to discover why our products are the preferred grips for avid shooters!



David is an avid hunter and gun enthusiast. He has over 40 years of woodworking experience and has been a small business owner since 1989.

David became the owner of Badger Custom Grips in 2013 and his appreciation for fine hardwoods is reflected in the vast selection of premium woods offered here at Badger.



Jacob has had an interest in firearms ever since he received his first BB gun as a child. Woodworking began as a summer job in high school and has since become a lifelong pursuit. He was excited to join Badger Custom Grips in 2016 because it allowed him to combine his interests in woodworking and firearms. Jacob became a Co-Owner of Badger Custom Grips in 2022.