GP100 & Super Redhawk Full Grip

GP100 & Super Redhawk Full Grip

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Full (3-Finger) Grip for Ruger GP100 and Super Redhawk Pistols.

Upgrade your pistol today with a Badger Grip.  Not only will your firearm look better, but you'll also see why pros choose custom grips to help improve accuracy.

Locating pin required for proper installation--all Ruger GP100 pistols come with a locating pin, but if you need a replacement click here.

If you have a Hogue Mono Grip, you will also require a locating pin.

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Note: In recent years there have been some inconsistencies in the size of the locating pins of some GP100 pistols--particularly The Alaskan. If you have a newer model Alaskan, you will need to measure the locating pin hole to determine the correct pin size.  If the pin hole measures 7/16", a standard GP100 pin is all that is required.  However, if your pin hole measures 3/8" you will need to click here to order the correct pin.  For more information on this issue please check the Ruger Forum.