GP100 & Super Redhawk Sport Grip

GP100 & Super Redhawk Sport Grip

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Sport Grip for Ruger GP100 and Super Redhawk Pistols.

This grip is designed to offer a comfortable alternative for those who feel the full-sized GP100 grip is too large to grasp comfortably.  The top finger groove provides a secure feel and the tapered bottom allows most shooters to grasp the gun more comfortably. 

Locating pin required for proper installation--all Ruger GP100 pistols come with a locating pin, but if you need a replacement click here. Please visit our Fitting Information page for details on what to expect when ordering a custom grip for your gun.

If you have a Hogue Mono Grip, you will also require a locating pin.

Upgrade your pistol today with a Badger Grip.  Not only will your firearm look better, but you'll also see why pros choose custom grips to help improve accuracy.

Once you've added your grip to the Shopping Cart, visit our Customizations Page to add Custom Engraving and Inlays!

Looking for something even more unique? We have a rotating selection of specialty woods available upon request. For premium hardwood availability and pricing, click here or call and ask for our current premium wood selection.

Note: We have recently changed our High Gloss finish for hardwood grips. The previous spray finish, while beautiful, was difficult to repair if the grip was scratched or scuffed. We are now using a High Gloss Tung Oil to ensure the highest possible quality of finish on each and every grip.

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Note: In recent years there have been some inconsistencies in the size of the locating pins of some GP100 pistols--particularly The Alaskan. If you have a newer model Alaskan, you will need to measure the locating pin hole to determine the correct pin size.  If the pin hole measures 7/16", a standard GP100 pin is all that is required.  However, if your pin hole measures 3/8" you will need to click here to order the correct pin.  For more information on this issue please check the Ruger Forum.