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D Frame Boot Grip (1960s-1990s)

D Frame Boot Grip (1960s-1990s)

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Boot (2-Finger) Grip for Colt D Frame revolvers made prior to Colt's discontinuation of revolver production in the 1990s.

Fitting Information: This grip fits D-Frame pistols made from 1966-1999. This includes the SF-VI and DS-II model revolvers (including the Magnum Carry).

A locating pin is required for proper fit. Most of these revolvers came with the required pin, but if you need a replacement please be sure to add one to your cart.

For more information about the finish options for your new grip, click here. Badger Grip Oil is perfect for all wood grips and stocks and can be purchased here.

If you utilize speedloaders with your revolver, we may need to reduce the thickness of the top of the left panel to allow for easy loading. 

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